Politics & Governance


Politics & Governance

We are dedicated to promoting voice, leadership, and transformation for grassroots women organized in chamas and young women in institutions of higher learning and urban informal settlements. 

 Our politics & governance approach is centered on empowering grassroots women to become leaders and advocates for change within their communities. Not much focus is paid to how marginalized groups, such as women from poor communities, can influence governance structures and create institutions inclusive of women and communities living in poverty. Grassroots women’s leadership is vital if democracy is to be ‘deepened’, that is, if representative democracies are to formally include citizen participation in more ways than simply voting in elections.
We firmly believe that by actively involving grassroots women in local governance, we foster a sense of ownership over local development. Through meaningful engagement with local government, these women are pivotal in shaping policies and initiatives that directly impact their communities. Our focus on enhancing women’s leadership capacities ensures they have the skills and confidence to drive transformative change.

politics & governance approach to empower women
politics & governance approach to empower young ladies

One of our unique strategies revolves around cultivating young women’s political engagement, those from informal urban settlements and tertiary institutions. We understand these women often feel disillusioned, disengaged, and disenfranchised by traditional politics. To bridge this gap, we use innovative and accessible approaches such as glam sessions as an entry point to civic dialogues.

We are committed to empowering chama women and young women in institutions of higher learning and urban informal settlements to be active agents of change. Together, we foster a vibrant and inclusive political landscape where every voice is heard, and transformation is driven from within the community.

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