As a women’s rights organization in Kenya, we are committed to amplifying women's and girls' voices, empowering them to be agents of change and advocates for their rights.


We believe in the power of change, where women's and girls' leadership and collective action create lasting change for a more equitable and inclusive society.
Advocating for women in politics


We nurture and uplift women's and girls' leadership capacities, fostering a new generation of empowered leaders who drive positive impact in their communities.
Badili Africa a women’s rights organization in Kenya years of experience

Badili Africa

About The Organization

Badili Africa is a Pan-African women’s rights organization in Kenya dedicated to creating safe spaces where women and girls can flourish and harness their LEADERSHIP capacities. At our core, we believe that amplifying women’s VOICES as change agents is the key to igniting transformation and social CHANGE across Africa.

"I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being."
Maya Angelou
American Memoirist, Poet, and Civil Rights Activist

Women’s Right Organization

Our Programs

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Kenyan Counties.
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Social media reach
Direct Reach 1 +
Chama women
Direct Reach 1 +
Young women
Indirect reach 1 +
Chama women
Indirect reach 1 +
Young women

The indirect reach is due to the multiplier effect of Chama women leaders, where one leader can reach 20 other people, and the young women networks and clubs they belong to, where one leader can reach 15 other people.

Our Impact in the Community!

Our approaches aim at empowering society at large!

Success Stories

Seeing that we are making a change in society and encouraging more women to take part on electoral and political processes is an achievement to our women’s rights organization in Kenya. We continue to engage different groups of people in urban informal settlements in order to continue changing how society views women in leadership in partnership with Women are the real architects of society.

Our Patners

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