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Executive Director of ‘Siasa Place’


Nerima Wako-Ojiwa

Executive Director of ‘Siasa Place’ – which is a youth organization established in 2015, dedicated to collaboratively creating an environment that enables the youth of Kenya to engage with the political mainstream in a meaningful way directly. Siasa Place educates youth on electoral processes, constitution, government institutions, and functions. Siasa Place currently works in 10 counties and has 250 registered members. She attained her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Sociology from Jacksonville State University in 2010 and her Master's in Public Administration in 2012. Additionally, a columnist with ‘The East African’ and a 2018 Obama Leaders Fellow.

Stephen Obuogo

Previously the Business Development Manager and Ag Chief Operating Officer for Meyous Networking Solutions Ltd. He also worked with Africa Talentbank as the Client Liaison, Steve is a Continental corporate event host, Life Coach, Mentor, and Public Image consultant but an educationist by profession. Steve is a BCOM graduate from Kenyatta University, class of 2014. Steve is passionate about mentorship because he attributes most of his achievements and growth to progressive mentorship.

The National Education Manager for ACCA Global.


VLIR-UOS Scholar, an Erasmus Lifelong Fellow, and a semi–finalist for President Obama’s flagship YALI Initiative – Civic Leadership.


Nkatha Mercy

With over a decade of international, regional, and local work experience, Nkatha Mercy is a VLIR-UOS Scholar, an Erasmus Lifelong Fellow, and a semi–finalist for President Obama’s flagship YALI Initiative – Civic Leadership. She holds an Advanced Master of Science in Governance and Development from the Institute of Development Policy and Management, Antwerp University Belgium, a post-graduate certificate in the Politics and Economics of Aid awarded by a consortium of six European universities, and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies. Mercy trains and facilitates learning for development practitioners globally in Governance and Development, Shrinking Civic and Political Space, Gender and Environment, women and youth voice and representation. She also facilitates a Bachelor of Arts program at MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation – ActionAid Denmark.

James Smart

Mr. James Smart is an experienced journalist, prime-time television anchor, and talk-show host based in Nairobi. He has worked with the BBC to produce its “Focus on Africa” broadcast, a flagship TV news program highlighting stories from across the African continent. He has also worked extensively with Kenya’s leading TV stations, including Kenyan Television Network and Nation Television (NTV). Most notably, he successfully launched two of the country’s top television shows, #TheTrend and #KTNLivewire, which integrate social media platforms such as Twitter to enable viewers to engage directly with the hosts of each program. Most recently, Mr. Smart conceptualized #Newssources for KTNNEWS during the run-up to the 2017 elections; he co-hosted #Afropolitico, a program designed for pure online consumption with economics and political content. As part of his media work, Mr. Smart focuses on public opinion in government and politics, youth inclusion into participatory governance, social audits, and minorities representation in media. James Smart holds a Masters of International Journalism degree from Cardiff University, he is also a NED (National Endowment on Democracy) fellow.

Experienced journalist, prime-time television anchor, and talk-show host based in Nairobi.


Mbuki Kasema is an entrepreneur and project management professional [PMP] who is driven by her passion for providing the best services in her industry.


Lucy Mbuki Kasema

Mbuki Kasema has established herself as a leader in her field with a strong focus on strategic guidance and direction. Having started her career in the events management industry in 2013, Mbuki has gained extensive experience in marketing, strategic management, and project management. As an experienced entrepreneur, she is dedicated to advancing innovation in the industry and constantly seeks new ways to improve her craft. Mbuki Kasema is an active member of the Rotary Club and holds the position of President for the Kilimani Alfajiri chapter. Her commitment to service and community development is evident through her involvement in various projects. As the founder and managing director of Wowana Limited, an events and management company, Mbuki is a trailblazer in her own right. Her company's mission is to design, create, and promote lasting memories for clients, showcasing her dedication to excellence. In addition to her professional endeavors, Mbuki serves on the board of Badili Africa, an organization focused on empowering young women and promoting their engagement in political processes, while also working towards ending gender-based violence. She is best known for her inspirational work in providing accessible job opportunities that empower young girls and women economically, serving as a catalyst for their growth and success. Outside of her schedule, Mbuki enjoys networking with like-minded professionals, exploring new places through travel, and indulging in the thrill of discovering new destinations.

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