Chama women as first responders of GBV

Completed Project

Chama women as first responders of GBV.

We aimed at creating safe spaces where Chama women can openly discuss the issues that affect them, offering counsel and support to one another. Chama women’s meetings provide this secure platform, enabling candid conversations about the social, economic, and political impact of gender-based violence (GBV). Through capacity-building sessions, Badili Africa empowered over 25  Chama women leaders to identify, prevent, and respond to violence against women and empowered them to cascade this knowledge to their fellow Chama members, with each Chama women leader having 10 to 15 members. Additionally, we’ve formed GBV committees spearheaded by Chama women leaders and influential local figures/leaders, such as chiefs, Nyumba Kumi representatives, and community-based organizations. Together, we are committed to curbing GBV at the grassroots level and fostering safe, inclusive environments.

Chama women as 1st responders (3)

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