(+254) 112791067 Welcome to Badili Africa Feminizing Political Spaces At Badili Africa we aim to make politics and leadership more inclusive of women’s contributions and perspectives in Local and National decision-making processes and Policymaking. Our 'Feminizing Political Spaces' initiative focuses on expanding the civic space and strengthening grassroots and young women’s engagement in political, governance, and electoral processes.
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(+254) 112 791 067 Welcome to Badili Africa Activating The Power of Chama Women At Badili Africa, we recognize the power of women's groups, known as Chamas, in driving change. We are dedicated to empowering these grassroots women's groups, enhancing their capacities to serve as pressure groups, demanding accountability in public service delivery, and actively promoting their inclusion in decision-making processes at various levels.
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(+254) 112 791 067 Welcome to Badili Africa Nurturing the Next Generation of Female Leaders At Badili Africa, we believe that investing in young women today is crucial for shaping a more equitable and sustainable future for our societies. By merging beauty and civic dialogue, we promote their involvement and participation in leadership spaces within institutions of higher learning.
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Badili Africa logo women's right organization in Kenya using Chama women
women's rights organization


By valuing and centering the perspectives, experiences, insights and contributions of Chama and Young women in decision making processes and investing in their agency and leadership
women in leadership


Strengthening and building capacities of chama and young women’s active and meaningful participation in politics and governance, economic empowerment, ending gender-based violence and knowledge production
women's rights organization fostering change


A movement of chama and young women leaders as politicians, activists, policy makers, mentors and advocates for better public service delivery, meaningful inclusion in politics and governance and eradication of all forms of gender-based violence.
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About Badili Africa

Women’s Rights Organization

We are a pan-African women’s rights organization with a mission to redefine political engagement and empower women across Africa. Our focus is on two distinct yet equally important groups: young women in tertiary institutions and urban informal settlements, and Chama women, who are pivotal in their communities’ socio-economic networks. Through innovative approaches, our work equips them with the skills, confidence, and platforms needed to voice their concerns, influence policies, and lead initiatives that drive change.

"I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being."
Maya Angelou American Memoirist, Poet, and Civil Rights Activist
Maya Angelou
American Memoirist, Poet, and Civil Rights Activist

Women’s Right Organization

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Our approaches aim at empowering society at large!

Badili Africa

Seeing that we are making a change in society and encouraging more women to take part on electoral and political processes is an achievement to our women’s rights organization in Kenya. We continue to engage different groups of people in urban informal settlements in order to continue changing how society views women in leadership in partnership with Women are the real architects of society.

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