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Badili Influencers are young people between 18 – 25 years old who identify as social media influencers. While most social media influencers have a devoted following in a particular field with whom they frequently communicate on their niche topic, often, the quest to gain more followers who pay close attention to their views can leave them vulnerable to giving too much information that exposes them.

Equally, while these well-known faces will keep their followers hooked and engagement high on social media by posting content about their day-to-day life, sometimes this means that young followers are more likely to see them enjoying a lifestyle that’s very different from their own. These could be content like seeing influencers going to exotic locations, driving the latest cars, or socializing at new and exclusive restaurants. When this type of influencer content is not consumed or managed positively, it can impact viewers, especially those from younger age groups. Influencer culture can impact their followers’ well-being in both positive and negative ways. 


Social media or digital influencers thus have the power to stimulate young people’s interest in digital rights and well-being once they understand how technology is shaping our rights, for good and for ill, and the impact they have on young people’s well-being in bridging the knowledge gap on the user’s safety and security to private information as well as protection from computer crimes. To optimize adolescents’ and young people’s well-being in this digital age, adolescents must be empowered to use digital media to foster their immediate and future well-being. However, the burden of managing the risks of poorly regulated digital environments cannot be placed entirely on adolescents and their caregivers. Governance mechanisms and services for adolescents—including health services—must also be strengthened to support and protect young users.

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