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Innovating to Ending Sexual and Gender Based Violence - Badili Africa

Innovating to Ending Sexual and Gender Based Violence

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Innovating to End Sexual and Gender Based Violence

women standing against Sexual and gender based violence

We are committed to driving meaningful change in the fight against Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) against African women and girls. We firmly believe survivors deserve a voice and support, even in the face of deep-rooted stigma. In many African communities, social services are scarce, leaving survivors vulnerable and without resources. Fear of losing even limited support often keeps victims silent, perpetuating a culture that stifles progress. We have innovated solutions for under-reporting, social stigma, and awareness gaps to address this. 

By empowering survivors to share their stories through artistic expression in our Make-Up Activism exhibition, we aim to shine a light on the impact of stigma and inspire a society that listens, supports, and acts. Our platform allows survivors to tell their stories without the burden of repeated exposure to strangers, breaking the cycle of re-stigmatization. We harness the power of creativity to raise awareness, create empathy, and dismantle the barriers that perpetuate violence and shame. Together, we can build a future where every survivor’s voice is heard, supported, empowered, and Gender Based Violence  is no longer tolerated. 

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