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Women’s Right Organization in Kenya

We focus
on strengthening the leadership capacities of everyday Chama women in urban informal settlements.

 “Chama,” is a mobilizing, organizing, social safety net and platform for sustaining socio-economic livelihoods in urban informal settlements. We use chamas as one of the ways of advocating for women’s rights in political spaces. Chama women organizing and decision-making skills rarely translate to meaningful engagement or voice in political, economic, or good governance platforms where they can influence basic public service provision and yet they bear the brunt of lack of access to these services (hence the Chamas, to fill in gaps created by poor politics). 

advocating women's rights in Kenya
empowering women in Kenya
Impact of empowering chama women engagement

Their networking power and potential as critical tools for the social, economic, political, and democratic development of Kenya is routinely exercised and manifested in electoral outcomes in the country, yet remains unseen, unsupported, and untapped the through promotion of their formal political participation and exercise of civic responsibility in informal settlements. 

When women at the grassroots level are provided with education, resources, and opportunities, they become powerful agents of change, driving social and economic progress. This empowerment leads to improved decision making. By enabling grassroots women to realize their potential, we unlock a cycle of prosperity and development that benefits entire communities and future generations


Indirect Reach

The indirect reach is due to the multiplier effect of Chama women leaders, where one leader can reach 20 other people, and the young women networks and clubs they belong to, where one leader can reach 15 other people

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